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Nawlin’s foodies unite! And chow down on the best food this side of the Mississippi with these culinary tours. The world is your plate, Ignatius J. Reilly, so fill it with New Orleans food. And if you want to join the clean plate club (I’ll be a 10 year member this June) then it’s best you lick it clean. Again, I don’t make the rules so take up your grievances with the clean plate club committee. We meet on Thursdays. 

New Orleans

WARNING: these tours have been known to give you involuntary food cravings. We caution you of the possibility of fantasizing other people as giant roasted chickens. 

But I say, go with your gut. And if you’re in the mood for food then here’s my rankings for you, dude. Before we begin, recite the code of the eaters: I pray, you pray, we all pray for Beignets!

(1) French Quarter Culinary History and Tasting Tour

Your mouth isn’t watering, it’s weeping for the flavors of the French Quarter. Give it what it wants. Sit it down, talk to it. It needs to be listened to. Tell your mouth you love it. It loves you too but it’s a conditional love. One condition, really: FEED ME. That’s all. And remember: I don’t make the rules. I just do what it says (help me).

(2) New Orleans Culinary Experience

They say never shop for groceries when you’re hungry but how else am I going to justify all these ice cream sandwiches? And they don’t say anything about touring with food. My dietician did but I straightened him out. Sat in his lap until he begged for mercy. Robbie – 1 Dietician – 0.

(3) Classic New Orleans Drinks Tour

This last entry completes our buffet of food tours with a beverage tour to wash it all down. Now if only we had an omelette station at the end. Yeah and one of those chocolate fountains. No? Okay just send the chocolate fountain to my room. I need to, uh, inspect it.


Make sure to scroll 👇 all the way to the bottom of this page to check availability on these great tours!

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