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Like another major American city, New Orleans claims to be recently developed because of the word “new” in its namesake. This intentionally conceals the fact that New Orleans has been around long enough to call it “Old” which makes it a prime candidate for paranormal activity. That’s right. Look to your left and look to your right. Statistics show us that at least two of your are ghosts or will be ghosts soon. Not cool.

Cities of The Dead Tour

This tour takes place on an air-conditioned bus and provides ghost hunting equipment but doesn’t include a change of pants. You might need them by the time you’re at the bar for a break stop after you’ve heard all about the spooky burial practices, wicked infamous crimes relevant to the cemeteries. The only equipment I’ve ever used was a bag of flour emptied onto the floor to see if a ghoul would track its footprints overnight. When I got up in the middle of the night, I slipped in it and hit my head. I think these spirits are in cahoots.

st louis cemetary

Grouch Marx’s last words: This is no way to live!

Dead Sexy: New Orleans Cemetery and French Quarter Tour

Visit the final resting place of voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau and explore the family tombs of St. Louis No. 1 cemetery. The second half of the tour recounts tales of prostitution and politics in the city known for sin. This is an adults only tour so make sure to leave the kiddos behind.

New Orleans Cemetery and French Quarter Tour

St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery above ground tombs

New Orleans Cemetery Tour (St. Louis Cemetery)

St. Louis cemetery is the oldest in New Orleans and is noted as one of the most haunted locations in the United States. In this cemetery you will not be walking over graves, but beside them as it’s an ABOVE ground barrel and a hauntingly beautify place. Make sure to look around and memorize the people who are in your tour to start as some of the locals are known to 👻 sneak in..

St. Louis Cemetery

Actor Nicolas Cage has a space in this pyramid reserved for his corpse.  

Written by: Robert Crizz
a close up of a sign